B12 replacement during Covid-19 Outbreak


Guidance  has been issued by the British Society of Haematologists (BSH) relating to B12 replacement

In line with this guidance and the need to keep both our patients and staff safe by reducing footfall to the surgery, we will be assessing patients on an individual basis via a telephone consultation to decide along with the patient if oral replacement is appropriate.

The guidance states that in non-dietary causes  of Vitamin B12 deficiency, Options include continuing IM injections B12, or alternatively taking cyanocobalamin orally at 1mg per day until regular IM injections can resume. 

Cyanocobalamin 1mg modified release tablets can be prescribed by the GP, unless the patient actively declines and wishes to self-purchase.

Patients taking oral replacement should be advised to monitor and report any neurological symptoms to their GP, at which point we can resume B12 injections.

Patients with a dietary cause of Vitamin B12 deficiency are  advised that cyanocobalamin tablets at a dose of between 50-150 micrograms should be taken daily between meals and these can be purchased cheaply over the counter or via the internet.

There is also a recommendation that serum Vitamin B12 should be re-assessed prior to recommencing B12 injections.