PPG Meeting Minutes

19th Feb 2020



1.Minutes of last meeting in November 19 were agreed by the group.

Lorraine introduce new member Gillian Waring to the group and asked could she give us a little background.  Gillian did this we then went around the table and introduced ourselves to the new member.

Lorraine told group that JD and LH had met with Regional Manager of Boots – outcome being that the Regional Manager said that there is a new team in place now so hopefully things will improve.  They also discussed possible ways of improving the system.  They will have another meeting in a few months to see how things are going.  The new manager will come to a PPG meeting in the future.

2. Practice update

No news

3. Practice Survey

 Lorraine talked us through the results culminating in the fact that the PPG should aim to highlight awareness on

  •  Wellbeing Co ordinator
  • Extended Hours appt
  • as a group we look at how to get information to non regular attenders at the surgery

 Key points from the feedback

  • Excellent feedback re Doctors and Nurses

Biggest complaints

  • Waiting time for appts and waiting time to see doctor for your appt
  • blood tests having to go to hospital – queries about why at the hospital they get through so many blood appt but to book an appt at the surgery takes weeks, the same number of phlebotomists do so many less patients at GP surgery compared to hospital

 Helsby High School -  Lesley and Lorraine went to meet HHS to see if the PPG can help – they responded very favourable stating that their main concern at this time is suicidal thoughts – could we help to support this issue. Lesley suggested to set up a working group to put together a ‘well being childrens day.’  Abby, Gillian and Lorraine volunteered to be on the sub group from The Knoll and Lesley from Helsby practice will find two volunteers from their practice.

 Future Events were discussed

  •  Childrens Wellbeing  day in conjunction with Helsby PPG and Helsby High School – sub group created
  •  What does the group think about joint PPG presence at the day on the park event in Frodsham – following discussion with the group this idea was put on hold as not all were convinced this was the correct event to attend.
  •  Can the group come up with some constructive ideas of how we can utilise the reception desk on a regular basis.
  •  Do we do anything at the next flu clinics? Yes we will do the same survey as this year to see if we have made any impact in patients understanding of the practice


  • Hearing problems – why do you have to go to Helsby for hearing aid batteries?
  • Why cant we take equipment back to GP practice who could send to hospital for the patient?
  • Lesley told the group that Helsby had held their first ‘comfy corner’ event – 40 surveys were completed – it was a successful first time.
  • Helsby PPG are holding their AGM on 17th March 2020 at 6pm if anyone would like to attend they would be welcome


Time and date of next meeting


5.30pm at The Knoll Surgery on Tuesday 4th February 2020

19th Feb 2020


PRESENT:                 Gabbi Thompson

                                    Steve Pomfret

                                    Glynis Cox

                                    Jeanie McFarlane

                                    Abby Watling

                                    John Dean

                                    Neville Thompson

                                    Lorraine Harvey

                                    Jacky Powell

                                    Jane Harland

Guests                    John Gresty

                                    Lesley Gardner

APOLOGIES:      Gillian Waring

                                    Lynda Chalkley

                                    Kathryn Roberts


  1. Minutes of last meeting.

  Approved by the group


  1. Website

Facebook – John asked the group ‘is there anyone able to/willing to over see a facebook page if we still go along with this idea.  Lesley told the group that the Helsby PPG member who over sees their facebook page would be willing to oversee ours as long as someone from The Knoll PPG would be responsible to provide content.  We will bear this in mind and come back to them.  John is to look into the possibility of linking into Helsby and Elton facebook page.

 Discussion took place and Gabby is to go away to see if it is possible for her to see if you can see how may hits the PPG part of the Practice website have or if you can only see how many hits on the website as a whole.

 3. Practice Update

John read out a report provided by Mark Antrobus with up to date information on the practice. In general

  • appts were covered with the fact that patients seem to favour telephone to make appts not on the line
  • Practice looking at using PCN funds to employ pharmacist and social prescriber
  • In 2019 practice added 5 GP sessions a week

 John asked Steve about PCN’s and how is it going.  Steve tried to roughly outline about PCNs and how they are progressing – slowly at present but will increase


  1. Reception Desk

The group were asked did anyone have any idea of what we could used the old Rock reception desk for and a regular basis.  Was anyone interested in being on the subgroup to discuss this idea?

Glynis suggested maybe we could pick a subject that can be divided into different areas – ie obesity – Glynis will put a bit of a plan together on how this may work.

 We discussed the space and Steve said he would enquire if the reception desk could be completely removed in order to make a more useable space.


  1. PPG attending event in the park

Helsby PPG visitors told the group that they are definitely going to be represented at the event – the group decided that we would join them in this event. Can we have volunteers to attend this please.

The sub committee for the Helsby High School wellbeing sub group – Abby, Gillian and Lorraine from The Knoll PPG and three people from Helsby PPG.  The first meeting of this sub group has been arranged for 18th March 2020.

  1. Treasurers Report

John told the group the information of the finances of the group – he then said we could do with having some generic business cards printed with name, address. web address and e mail address so that we can give them out at events or leave some around the PPG area in the waiting room.  Jane to look into this.  We also discussed having badges for event.


  1. Holding joint PPG meetings

The chairs proposed holding joint PPG meetings with a suggested date of the first one being 5th May 2020 to be held at the Helsby practice at 6.00pm with the 2nd one being 8th September 2020 at Frodsham practice at 6pm.  The group agreed to this saying that two joint meetings a year would probably be sufficient at this point in time.


  1. Bi monthly meetings

The chairs proposed that we go to bi monthly PPG meetings and it was agreed that this would be acceptable with the first Tuesday in the month still being the day of the meetings.


The future meetings of the group for the rest of the year are:-


Tuesday 7th April 2020 at 5.30pm at Frodsham

Tuesday 5th May 2020 joint meeting at 6.00pm at Helsby

Tuesday 7th July 2020 at 5.30pm at Frodsham

Tuesday 8TH September 2020 joint meeting at 6.00pm at Frodsham

Tuesday 3rd November 2020 at 5,30pm at Frodsham

 9. AOB

Lorraine brought attention to a facebook comment on Boots and prescription and what a disgusting service it appears to be.  Steve explained how this particular problem can arise.

 Time and date of next meeting

Tuesday 7th April at 5,30pm at Frodsham Medical Centre