Calling The Knoll by Phone

Automated Telephone System

Via : 01928 733249 

You can contact the surgery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by telephone to book, cancel, check or change an appointment by just ringing The Knoll Surgery telephone number, 01928 733249, and selecting the automated booking option

This will be OPTION 1 (one) when we are open - an operator will be available as usual via option 2/3/4

When we are closed please dial NHS 111 - dial 111 on your landline or mobile phone (these calls are free) Our message will now tell you to end the call to us and redial 111

The automated phone system is via OPTION 1 for booking / checking / cancelling appointments

For the automated telephone system :

You will need to have your 6 digit date of birth (dd/mm/yy) and a valid telephone number for. Both of these numbers will need to match the information on our system. (Unfortunately the system will not work for twins)

The system will then offer a short list of options:

1. An appointment with any GP

2 An appointment with any male GP

3 An appointment with any female GP

If you select OPTION 1 this will deliver a choice of next available appointments for either a male or female GP.   You will be given the choice to either accept or reject the appointment.  

You need to listen carefully to the prompts from the system voice. It is important that if you select a particular appointment you confirm it by pressing the ‘0’ (zero) key. If you do not press the zero key the appointment will not be booked.

If you select OPTION 2, a male GP – you will be presented with 5 further options:

1 – Any male GP

2 – Dr Hall

3 – Dr Pomfret

4 – Dr Richardson

5 – Dr Morris

If you select OPTION 3, a female GP – you will then be presented with 5 further options:

1 – Any female GP

2 – Dr Foreman

3 – Dr Stanaway

4 – Dr Wrather

5 – Dr Ashton

The system will probably take on average 2 minutes to book an appointment. It is best suited to someone who does not need an urgent appointment, but would like a routine appointment to see their GP. You can make appointments up to 3 months in advance. There is an option to select the ‘last available appointment’

If you need to see a doctor on the day or as soon as possible please select the “appointments and general enquiries” option and one of our receptionists will be able to help you.